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Saint Anthony Catholic School is marked by its living out the message of Jesus in Scripture and Sacred Tradition through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the Roman Catholic Church.  Saint Anthony Catholic School invites students and families of all faiths to the school community.  Catholic spirituality is a way of living in the world that acknowledges that we are all spiritual beings on a human journey and a way to appreciate the mystery and breathe of God's love for everyone.

Saint Anthony Catholic School is a thriving faith-filled community.  From preschool through middle school, students are offered opportunities for learning, worship, daily prayer, reflection, school liturgies, sacraments and integration of morals and values in academic studies.  Students begin each day connecting the academic and the spiritual dimension of learning and growing.  This blending of reason and faith opens limitless possibilities.

Saint Anthony Catholic School is identified as a Catholic school, not only because this expresses the importance and centrality of Christ, God's grace, love and power in the raising of children but also because this Catholic tradition provides the compass for navigating through the shifting winds of change so prevalent in the world today.  We strive to act out of love, teach love, model love and love one another in the school as well as in the larger community.  When we love and when we live with justice, we are transformed and Christ's Presence is alive.

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