Mission Statement

Saint Anthony Catholic School students receive a Christ-centered educational foundation that inspires them to be meaningful leaders and prepares them academically, emotionally and spiritually. Our educators are empowered with the freedom to create innovative techniques to reach and teach our students, providing them with opportunities to learn and to sustain our proud legacy.

Student Mission Statement

As students of Saint Anthony Catholic School, we are anchored by our faith, strive to make good choices and are provided opportunities to seek knowledge. We honor the graduates before us and continue our traditions to set a standard for those that will follow.


Saint Anthony Catholic School holds to be true these statements and lives them out daily. We believe….

Saint Anthony Catholic School incorporates unique academic experiences.

Saint Anthony Catholic School empowers teachers to facilitate a student driven classroom environment that cultivates learning.

Saint Anthony Catholic School is anchored in faith and compassion.

Saint Anthony Catholic School prepares students to be servant minded leaders, persistent learners, and active contributors to their community.

Saint Anthony Catholic School gives students the opportunity to take academic risks so they may grow from their experiences.

Saint Anthony Catholic School entrusts teachers to use their God given talents to create a rich differentiated learning environment for each child.

Saint Anthony Catholic School seeks to provide graduates with the means to be life-long practicing Catholics.

Saint Anthony Catholic School develops the student critical thinking skills necessary to become successful in high school, college, and future endeavors.

Saint Anthony Catholic School strives to continue to expand and support our proud legacy and heritage.

Saint Anthony Catholic School upholds diversity and implores inclusivity in all areas both within and outside of the classroom environment.

Saint Anthony Catholic School creates responsible active citizens within the school, the community, and beyond.


The goals of Saint Anthony Catholic School are:

The teachings of the Catholic Church become manifested in our daily lives to continue living as committed Catholics.

Achieve and maintain a 21st-century academic learning environment and a curriculum to demonstrate and support our FCC Stream certification.

Provide opportunities for students to reflect on their social and academic experiences as they affect their well-being.

Encourage faculty and staff to participate in the dynamic decision-making process as the school develops policies and programs to enrich curriculum, enhance school climate and deepen student learning.