Mission Statement:

The mission of the Saint Anthony Friends for Education is to initiate and oversee programs that fulfill the continuing long-term fundraising needs of Saint Anthony School. We are committed to creating, administering, and providing endowment, scholarships, faculty enhancements and other funds as determined by the board, and in conjunction with our Pastor. We will strive to create a balance between the long-term goals of Saint Anthony School and the overall needs of the Church.

The Friends for Education is the backbone and source of strength and support for Saint Anthony Catholic School. For more information or questions on how you can support Saint Anthony Catholic School through our Friends for Education organization, please call or e-mail:

Sharon Lynch Murrah, 954-467-9009.

Rev. Michael Grady Chairman
Sharon Lynch Murrah Director
Tom & Jean Maus Presidents
Steve Warner Vice President
Sara Mindala Treasurer
Ashley Herring Secretary
Joseph & Michelle Palmesano Past Presidents
Members at Large Emeritus Board Members
Brad & Jennifer Ashlin Patrick Brady
Mark & Mary Campagnano James D. Camp III
Travis & Ashley Herring Michael Cobb
David & Kathleen King Keith Costello
Alex & Krista Llanos Sabrina Farmer
Tom & Jean Maus Gordon & Melanie Ferris
Rich & Sarahnell Merlino Michelle Flanigan
Michael & Sara Mindala Francis Maus
Jim & Susan Power Bernard McCormick
Tony & Paula Ramos Mark McCormick
Robert & Jennifer Roselli Steve & Amy Mergler
  Dominick Miniaci
  Jody Moore
  Jim Murphy
  Dan Pacella
  Joe & Michelle Palmesano
  Tim Petrillo
  William & Anne Scherer
  Shawn & Jamie Spellacy
  Tom & Siria Tatum
  Tom Vogel
  Mike & Libby West


Saint Anthony Friends for Education – Development Office: Phone:  954-467-9009 Fax:  954/901-2601, e-mail: Sharon Lynch Murrah  Director Saint Anthony Friends for Education.

The Saint Anthony Friends for Education develops and manages programs that fulfill the long-term fundraising efforts of our school.  Since its beginning, the Friends for Education, formerly known as the Foundation for Education has been able to grow an endowment that funds programs that help ensure the student’s Catholic education now and for the future.  Today’s students are the future generation of Catholics in America.The Saint Anthony Friends for Education at work…

Three important areas benefit most from Friends funds raised.  First, we support scholarships and financial aid that are used to make sure that every child has the chance to benefit from a Catholic education.  Secondly, teacher enhancements, such as raises and bonuses are supported by the funds we raise.  Finally, funds are raised for special educational and technological programs that benefit both teachers and students.  As you can see, the Foundation is appropriately named – as teachers and students are the true “foundation” of our Catholic community!

There is no better investment than money spent on a child’s Catholic education.

Studies document the effectiveness and quality of America’s Catholic schools.  As adults, students who received a Catholic education were more likely to be active leaders in their church and community as well as educate their children in Catholic schools.  Your gift to the Annual Giving Campaign is not only an instrument in Catholic education but a legacy; a legacy that passes on the faith to the next generation.

We are very proud that nearly 100% of our school parents donate to the Saint Anthony Friends for Education each year – in good times and in bad – and help us to generate over $165,000 annually.   Our Parish Community is overwhelmingly generous and supportive of our school.  As a community, we need for each and every member not only to participate in the events at our school but to support Saint Anthony Catholic School financially as well.  Our school children directly benefit from the support of the Saint Anthony Parish Community.

As you know, the Saint Anthony Friends for Education is committed to providing for the continuing long-term needs of Saint Anthony Catholic School.  In addition to funding the endowment, we have provided teacher bonuses twice a year, scholarships, financial aid, and special educational programs and projects.  You have shown our school wonderful support through your participation in our Annual Giving Campaign.  Because of your generosity in the past, our current students and future generations will continue to be the beneficiaries.


Look what YOU helped accomplish from accumulated Friends funds during this school year!!!  

Our Accomplishments Funded from 2019-20 Donations

  • $144,000 To underwrite salary enhancements for teachers and staff
  • $225,000 For scholarships and tuition assistance (11% of our student body)
  • $5,000     To fund grants/awards for 2020 graduates
  • $50,000   To fund Campus Security
  • $15,000   To fund the Fr. Hannon, Lynda Moore, and Elaine Patterson Scholarships
  • $50,000   To fund the S.A.F.E. Saint Anthony Friends Catholic Community Foundation Endowment

Matching Gifts  –  Ask if your  employer has a Matching Gifts Program

Many companies match gifts to schools made by their current or retired employees.  Matching gifts can double or triple your gift to Saint Anthony Catholic School.  Inquire at your company’s personnel office to determine if your company has a Matching Gifts Program.

United Way  – Did you know that you can designate your United Way contribution to go to Saint Anthony Catholic School?

Planned Giving  – Did you know that an estate gift to our endowment can help provide a Catholic education to our children for generations to come?  Please ask your financial or estate planner about planned giving options and learn more about the tax benefits available for your family and estate through planned gifts to Saint Anthony Catholic School.

Our students are the direct beneficiaries of Matching Gift programsyour United Way contribution designation to

Saint Anthony Catholic School and bequests and Planned Giving plans.  Saint Anthony Catholic School is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization under the IRS Code 501 (c) 3 – Federal Tax ID #59-1293631.