S.A.F.E. Annual Giving Campaign

During these uncertain times, TeamSACS has rallied to make it the best possible experience for our school.  In March of the 2019-2020 school year, our school technology had to be quickly converted to 100% remote learning when COVID-19 lockdowns first came into effect -- all to a staggering cost of $34,245 to upgrade iPads and purchase software applications, microphones, cameras, tripods and stands, etc. With the return to in-person learning these past few weeks, the cost for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is $17,505 and running!  This includes the purchase of individual desk sneeze guards, touchless sanitizing stations, washing stations; cleaning products, thermometers, etc. Additionally, $20,000 to hire a porter for extra cleaning during the school day has been spent. Nearly $72,000 (still growing), not part of the original budget, was spent to adapt to this ongoing pandemic!

All of our children benefit immediately and directly from S.A.F.E. support for technology projects and educational programs. Over the years, S.A.F.E. provided funds that helped every Saint Anthony student to have access to the newest technology and cutting-edge tools, which now more than ever has proven how important this need is. All of these benefits are a direct result of people like us donating to the Annual Giving Campaign. 

If you can, now more than ever is the time to contribute! You can even donate online by visiting http://saintanthonyschoolfl.org/give-now-2/:  or hover over the QR code with your camera. For your convenience monthly debits from a credit card or bank account are an option.  If you can, please support the Annual Giving Campaign with your gift or pledge today to ensure this proud Saint Anthony tradition continues.  Do not forget to click the “Double the Donation” button to see if your employer will match your gift!  Please designate your United Way contribution to go to Saint Anthony Catholic School.